Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!

My sweet husband turned the big 2-4 yesterday. #1 on his birthday list was to go to a Phillies game, so we did just that. We traveled back up to Pennsylvania to stay with my parents before the game on Sunday. That afternoon ten of us stood in the freezing cold watching the Phillies lose, all in celebration of Jeremiah. No, the outcome and weather were not ideal, but yes, we had a great time and I'm so glad Jeremiah was able to have friends and family and Phillies all together on his birthday. 
And doesn't everyone need to be honored on their birthday?? Jeremiah is so great because...
he loves Jesus, he loves me, he's quite funny, he makes up his own words that really make me laugh, he's smart, he cares about people, he's a chameleon, he's gracious, he's not a worrier, he goes with the flow, he's doing great things as a teacher, he's patient, he has gorgeous blue eyes, he's free as a bird on the dance floor, he watches Food Network and HGTV with me voluntarily, he explains Lost to me, he likes to learn, he's going to be a great dad, he's silly, he loves my family, he gives words of affirmation constantly, he's determined to put together all of our IKEA purchases even though he'd really rather be doing anything else in the world...
And of course that's just brushing the surface of all the reasons Jeremiah is quite a guy. Here's the birthday boy himself blowing out his candles (on a Bacardi rum cake, of course) and watching the Phillies.

Here's Jeremiah with his brother, Ben, who met us at the game since he's right down the street at Temple. He hates the Phillies. Booooo.

Ben (and Ashleigh) and Mark all came, too!

PS. Doesn't he look cute in his new hat??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decorating Help

I just discovered this website. You can find me on here from now until we move into our new place.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It feels good to say that word! Yes, Jeremiah and I signed a contract to officially purchase our first home. We will be moving into our brand new condo sometime late fall. It hasn't even been built yet--construction begins mid-summer. It has been fun to be able to pick out pretty much exactly what will be in the home, and has made the whole process personal and a lot of fun! We have been considering homeownership for several months, as we have decided that we think Virginia will suit us well for the next 3-5 years at least. This whole condo thing came about kind of quickly, but it truly was a blessing that we found it when we did. While considering that a condo might be the best choice for us right now financially, we learned that a lot of FHA standards were changing just days after we had looked. After lot of praying and agonizing and second-guessing everything, we decided to get in the game while the time was right. If we were to wait until after the FHA standards change, we would not have been able to buy a home at all for quite awhile.
So, we're excited! Since it's not built yet, we don't have pictures of the actual place yet. There are pictures online if you search around. Our neighborhood is called Westwood Village, in Midlothian, VA. Here's a sneak peak of the entrance, ha!

The Next Cake Boss

Anyone familiar with the hit TLC series, The Cake Boss? If you are, you know who I'm talking about when I refer to Buddy. If you aren't, I'll let you know that Buddy is the head honcho at his bakery, and he comes off rather fierce on TV. And like I said, I could be the next "cake boss." Wondering why? I'll tell ya.
Over spring break this past week, Jeremiah and I ventured north to visit family. During part of our stay, I traveled even further north to Poughkeepsie, New York with my mom and sister. For sixteen hours over two days, we were taught how to make gum paste flowers by Betty VanNorstrand. Betty taught the cake boss, Buddy, all that he knows only a mere six years ago. And in case you're wondering, Betty claims that the aggressive, commanding Buddy we see on TV is really just an act. Apparently, he's nothing like that in real life. She would know.
This 81 year old lady is no joke. She travels all over the place teaching classes, lives minutes away from The Culinary Institute of America (where she teaches), has invented crazy tools to help the world of wedding cakes, and has apprenticed a number of pastry big wigs. 
And there I was, sitting in her wretchedly out-of-date basement, never having touched or seen gum paste in the flesh (had only heard of it from Ace of Cakes) and getting the same lessons as the cake boss. I predicted Betty would have had it with me by lunchtime on the first day; but alas, it took her til mid-afternoon on the second day to tell me to quit complaining. And I will say I was a tad insulted by that comment, being that this stuff is nearly impossible and I am a pretty impatient perfectionist. She's a sweet lady on the whole, though, so I got over it. 
I'll let you be the judge. I think I ended up doing pretty well. That's from scratch people. 
My sister was hoping my mom and I could learn so that we would be able to help her as she tries to start up her own cake business from home. I'll just say this... Andria makes crazy amazing cakes without flowers. Order those.