Monday, January 30, 2012

Fifteen Weeks

Time is just flying by isn't it?! My friend Shelly told me that three months old is such a fun age and that Surrey will start doing so many new, fun things each week now. She was exactly right. This past week Surrey persevered enough to grab her feet and can now snag them while sitting or lying down. She's a maniac on her playmat, favoring the jingly elephant with the rings. She has started pulling some toys and burp cloths to her mouth and can reach for things when propped up or in her Bumbo (she especially loves to knock down her stacking cup tower). Good times!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fourteen Weeks

Someone should've pulled out the iron this week. Whoops.
Surrey was quite active for this photo shoot, although this slower point-and-shoot camera didn't really allow me to capture her fun faces and poses so well.
This past week our little three month old laughed for the first time and has also been rolling over. And by rolling over I mean she's technically tipping over from her belly to her back. I think that's legit in baby world though. We've been trying to recreate the laugh, but are having trouble doing so. Bummer, because it is so fun! She also has been earnestly watching her feet and making a serious effort to grab them. This morning she finally did, thanks to her footless one-piece - I think when her cute little toes are covered up she gets too frustrated.
Laying next to her buddy Stella today, I noticed she definitely seems to have grown since Stella started coming over. Good to know, since I had a hunch she's been going through a growth spurt the past several days. Growth spurts are not fun for parents.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thirteen Weeks

...and a day. Thirteen weeks (Monday) was a rough, rough day for Surrey. She had her 3-month doctor appointment, which was unfortunately accompanied by immunizations. Like last time, mid-afternoon the poor girl was screaming, shrieking even, in pain. For probably 45 minutes. That'll do a number on your stamina for the day. What'll also do a number on your body, and your dignity, is being shot up the rear with a suppository on your milestone day. Poor Surrey hadn't rid her system of anything legit since Friday evening. Yikes. TMI, but necessary in conveying just how rough her day was.
So here she is, thirteen weeks and a day. A whole new woman.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Twelve Weeks

Apparently Surrey is a one-pose woman. In her first few weeks of life she was all about the superhero stretch, but now she's taking a more humble approach to photos. Pretty soon she's getting a nickname that somehow involves "frog." Rest assured, she does have properly functioning limbs and the ability to smile. This little lady loves to kick and flail her arms quite often nowadays, and plug your ears because she gets louder and more talkative by the day. Already turning into her mother? In her old age she now prefers to be standing up on one's lap when being held, showing off her muscle strength. She is also head over heels for her hands - constantly distracted by her fingers moving around and loves bringing them to her mouth, as if she's playing the air trumpet. Other exciting news is that (knock on wood) we think Surrey is growing out of her reflux phase. Way to go girl!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eleven Weeks

This girl is getting big! Surrey is now focusing much more, holding her head up pretty well, and honing in on her hand-eye coordination. Any day now she'll successfully position her hand in her mouth to self-soothe (and won't that be a glorious day!). She's also been graciously going to bed around 7:30/8pm and only waking once in the middle of the night to eat. Thank God Jeremiah doesn't believe in jinxing, or else I would have really just screwed things up for us. We're still working on a later morning wake-up and more of a consistent day-to-day routine. I just started watching 4-month-old Stella full-time today though, so life's looking a lot different. The three of us will have to get in a new groove and establish some semblance of a schedule, so perhaps it's not horrible that Surrey wasn't regimented pre-Stella.

Ten Weeks

I think the pictures get worse each week. And I think each Monday gets cloudier, not helping matters. Bare with me.