Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three's Company Too

We never watched the early 80's sitcom, and after listening to the theme song preview on iTunes just now I surely know why. And while that jingle is absolutely horrendous, I'm totally on-board with the concept. Why such the sudden interest in Three's Company you ask?
Perhaps because both Jeremiah and I are one of three children, or perhaps because we've been married a bit over three years, or perhaps because Jeremiah is just shy of three months from his summer break.
But, perhaps it's not for any of these three reasons. In fact, it's not.

Why we couldn't be more jazzed about three nowadays is because come October 16, 2011 we will be a family of three!

Ahhh! No need to adjust your screen, you read that correctly. Jeremiah and I will be parents to a little guy or girl this fall. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and on the brink of my second trimester. Although we're officially announcing our big news, we know this stage of the pregnancy is still considered risky and so we hope you'll pray with us for baby Link to continue to grow and develop healthily (yes, that's a word, I looked it up). Hearing that powerful little heartbeat and seeing that sweet thing alive and well via sonogram is a miraculous thing.
God has been gracious in timing this just right for us. I'm sure you'll be shocked to know I've been waiting for this bundle of joy for months and was starting to grow impatient. But how thankful we are that baby Link decided to make his/her appearance now. Moving into our new home is behind us. I've had time to adjust to a new job. Kristin won't have a Matron of Honor going into labor at her wedding. All good things.
I anticipate having many more things to update our fans on now that our life is getting a bit more exciting. We're in for a wild ride for sure!

Note the faded second line became much clearer after the second (and third) time I took a test. One can never be too sure!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let There Be Light

Jeremiah is making his way up the handyman ladder quite impressively.
His most recent undertaking (which actually occurred a couple weeks ago but I'm clearly horrible at keeping things up-to-date around here) included switching out two lights. People, this is not just handy work, this is handy work plus electrical. And knock on wood (for no house fires), this not-so-amateur-anymore handyman did a flawless job.
Since day one, we've known we just had to get rid of the formal dining room chandelier hanging in our "study." We chose to have this formal dining area closed in with french doors to act as another room to house maybe a desk and computer, maybe guests, or maybe even a baby in the future. Before Jeremiah tackled the lighting, it was an awkward and barren wasteland of a room. It's still a barren wasteland, but now slightly less awkward with the removal of the chandelier. In its place, we have a crazy light from Ikea. Even crazier are the shadows it creates on the wall that I wasn't expecting. If you are thinking to yourself, hmm that light looks a little high, that's because it is. Ducking through the room to get to the desk was no way to live. Hitting one's head on the chandelier when forgetting to duck was no way either. Once we actually have some furniture in the room we think it'll all even out.

And so, what to do with the chandelier. It's not a bad looking light, and after researching, we found it costs a pretty penny, too. So, why not transfer it to the other neglected space in the condo--the master bedroom sitting area. Before the fancy addition, there was the cheapest, ugliest light hung flush to the ceiling. Horrible and plastic and blah. We certainly gave the sitting area a different feel with the change, and we think it's a good one. After we hang curtains and really figure that space out some more we think it'll come together.

All in all two good transformations. Jeremiah, what a guy.