Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forty-One Weeks

We've got a crawler! We're so excited that Surrey has put everything together and taught herself how to crawl like a champ. Life is already very different. She rarely sits still in once place now, and our odds of getting her to lay still for even a moment of time nowadays is nonexistent. See picture below. And although she has greatly increased her ability to move, it's still not good enough for her. The past couple nights she hasn't been content unless she's being walked all around the house. She so badly wants to walk. She tries to pull herself up on most everything and is succeeding more and more. I'm personally exhausted from all this moving. Ha! My knees and back just can't take walking her around much more. 
Not only is she crawling like a champ, but she's eating like a champ, too. We've been giving her more and more finger foods and she has shown little to no hesitation. Tonight she had a delicious dinner of whole grain pasta with sauce and a side of green beans. How gourmet. She's mastered picking up the most slippery of foods - fruit is no match for her. Things are getting real around here!
This past week Surrey also had her first trip to a beach. Big bummer for me though - I was at home watching Stella without a car. Whomp whomp. Jeremiah took Surrey down to Holden Beach, NC to introduce her to his grandparents. Although jealous of course, I'm glad he was able to take her, especially since his family was down there visiting at the same time too. The courageous parent award definitely goes to Jeremiah for doing a solo five hour road trip with the babe. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Surprise (Thunder) Shower

As matron of honor I was pleased to be in charge of hosting a shower for my sister. And as 'ring bearer' Surrey was elated to co-host - especially since that meant she got to stay up past her bedtime. My sister's main request was that she not know anything about it. Sounds easy until you combine all the factors: I live in a different state, my sister lives at my parents' house so I can't stay there while up for the shower, I live in a different state and my sister lives at my parents' house so having serving dishes and groceries on hand isn't the easiest thing to pull off. Good times. But, I remained optimistic throughout the process and even up until the start of the big event. The morning of, although temps reached 103 degrees, the tables were set just right and the overall ambiance was reaching perfection. Once the food got set out about a half hour prior to game time it would be complete and people would be knocking down my door to help plan their next special occasion. 
That is, until the storm hit. Yep, at the exact time it was all hands on deck to get the last minute details ready, particularly the food, a rather tornadic storm ripped through our cozy, outdoor setting. The gusting winds blew the table settings on the ground and pulled down some strands of lights/lanterns. Pouring rain and fierce lightning. We had to rushingly set up everything in my aunt's garage, which felt like a sauna and barely fit everything in it. We had decorations resting on oil canisters and tool chests. My hopes and dreams all came crashing down in minutes. Thank God for my parents and the Franks and my husband who saved it all. I stood there staring blankly in disbelief and on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time. And of course, minutes after my sister was surprised, the rain stopped. So, to keep things formal, guests had to carry their own chairs back outside and my dad and uncle set all the tables back up under the tent. Although things were mildly still in shambles, I was grateful to be out of the garage and trying to carry on as usual.
Oh and after 27 years you'd think I'd listen more closely to my mom's advice. After we had set things up that morning she told me I should probably take pictures then. I quickly told her I had it all under control and would snap photos once everything was perfect and set out, minutes before the start of the shower. We all can imagine how that turned out. I have zero pictures of my masterpiece. I could cry. Below are a few pictures I salvaged and some I even took this weekend while back at home to craft for my sister's wedding. Lame. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the perfectly matching Crate & Barrel prize mugs or the fun "How Old Is She" game or the yellow and white tent strung with lights and lanterns or the fun dairy farm themed cream and sugar holders or the little John Deere car holding gifts... BUT, I do have pictures of those awesome felt flowers my mom made (put in glass milk containers as centerpieces), the felt wreath that hung from a fun orange and yellow polka-dotted ribbon was crafted by me. The flowers we're wearing were the favors.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Forty Weeks

The big 4-0. This girl is on the move. Or, at least she wants to be. We're learning Surrey isn't afraid to take risks or she's so free-spirited she fears next to nothing. She so badly wants to walk and is happiest when she's standing or being assisted walking around. Although she'd prefer to be on two legs and not all fours, she is still making crawling progress. In fact, this morning she was moving FORWARD instead of backwards. It's not 100% consistent yet, but we're hopeful!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farm Visit

While in Pennsylania hosting my sister's bridal shower, we took a field trip to her fiance's dairy farm. The stench is still lingering in my nostrils. I have a new found respect for dairy farmers - they deal with a bunch of smells and conditions and schedules that I hope I never have to. And who knew how big cows really are and how vast the sum of them on one farm! Sheesh.
Despite her mom's disinterest, Surrey seemed to take everything in and not mind her first encounter with large animals one bit. In fact, she was rather curious, even taking initiative to explore (after of course a significant time of stoic observation). 
Here she is with Grandmom, her partner in crime.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Surrey continues to be moving in the direction of mobility and expression. She talks up a storm and is becoming quite a little daredevil. She's trying to pull up on most everything. Jeremiah is training her daily to successfully pull off various standing feats on our ottoman. Both of them are quite proud of her accomplishments and it's no mystery why. Unfortunately, turning nine months old seems to be bringing out a little whiny attitude. Yikes. Crossing our fingers it's just teething?

Bye Bye Buddy

Sad news has hit the Koehler family. Last night our beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Buddy, died. It was a long time coming actually, and although sad, I think we're all thankful that he's no longer struggling through his little doggy life. Although my dad, sister, and brother all helped significantly with Buddy, perhaps to take the news hardest is my mom. And rightfully so. Mom, you were everything to Buddy. I nagged you about too many treats and seemingly catering to his every whine and whimper, but you took the best care of him and he was one lucky dog for it. He was loved and cared for. We all saw how much love you gave him and are really thankful for it. Without you, Buddy would've sorely missed out on living in the lap of luxury. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thirty-Eight Weeks

Surrey has found her voice! Friday morning she woke up whispering "da-da-da-da" and since Saturday she's been fully vocalizing many similar sounds. Da-da is her favorite, which I'm trying not to take personally. It's so fun to hear her babble on and on loudly and happily. Like, we now know what her voice sounds like. It's great and crazy and changes everything. She's growing up!
She had a jam-packed week of travel up north, including her first 4th of July in Montrose and her first bridal shower in Sellersville. 
If you look closely you can see her two bottom teeth as she was practically shouting her new sounds. I have a strong hunch she'll be getting her top ones in any day now. Photo shoots are getting shorter and shorter since once she hits the fabric she rolls right over. After the fifth time in a row I called it a wrap and only had five to choose from, as opposed to the 50-100+ I used to get.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thirty-Seven Weeks

Oh look how festive we are this week. If I really had my act together not only would I buy patriotic fabric, but I would use that fabric to create Surrey's first little 4th of July garb. Poor planning. Not gonna happen.
Regardless, here she is in all her no-napping, won't-lay-still glory. Not that she isn't napping in general, just today she decided to bag the afternoon nap. Good times. Not too much to report different these days. We had a couple trips to the pool and by the second time she was going to town splashing. Yesterday day she started an interested new sound, somewhat similar to a pistol laugh. We're trying to give her more and more practicing pulling up on things, so perhaps that's in our near future. Still scooching backwards on all fours like a champ.