Friday, October 19, 2012

Fifty-Two Weeks

That's a wrap. Can you believe it?? I, for one, cannot. Although the day-in day-out parenting of an infant at times seemed to drag on and on and on, the year as a whole flew by. Jeremiah and I went out the night of Surrey's birthday as a little congratulations to ourselves for surviving a year of parenthood. We were reflecting on the past twelve months with both precious and dreadful memories. Everyone should have to take care of an infant for a year before having a baby. Ha, not very possible! But really, how much more knowledge and confidence we have now! Although the sound of a newborn in public still makes me shudder (sorry grandparents, no more grandchildren anytime soon), I know now that I can handle it and I know now a lot more tricks of the trade than I did back in the day. We were so clueless and sleep deprived. And at times, I was scared of my child. I was fearful I'd have no clue what to do with her or when she'd start crying next. I never thought I'd make it through the reflux and the colic and the awful breastfeeding experiences. But here I am - here we are - alive and thriving. Surrey is awesome, although she still likes to fool the public by coming across stoic or miserable. She's walking and talking and is a lot of fun. She almost makes us want another. Almost. 

And here she is with her grand finale photoshoot. Sheesh. I think she's just had enough of these pictures. Or she's say they're ending. Either way, she's pissed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fifty-One Weeks

Hi Mom. At least you have the picture for now...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fifty Weeks

Surrey is determined to go out with a bang this year and she's doing a pretty great job of it. Poor girl has been fading slowly since Sunday. Monday night I called the on-call doctor after she had had a low-grade fever, a rash, and a mildly pink eye (and was up twice in the night for two hours a piece). They had us go in the following morning (yesterday) for a sick appointment to figure out what's going on. She's a hot mess. Mild conjunctivitis (pink eye), tonsillitis (inflammation of the throat - some sort of infection there), right ear infection, and cellulitis (crazy rash on her limbs). We also discovered a molar has come in and the other one pushing through, along with her two front top teeth. What in the world?! 
Well as the day went on her rash seemed to be getting worse and worse, with it peaking last night. She woke up crying and her little cheeks were beat red with the rash/hives all over. I called the on-call doctor again and it happened to be the same pediatrician we saw earlier. She decided her cellulitis diagnosis was inaccurate, and that this disgusting rash was hives - more of a reaction to the other infections. It is the strangest thing - it comes and goes on all different parts of her body pretty rapidly, and at any time she may have a few big patches of bright red areas with hives. She doesn't seem to be bothered, but it's frightening! Jeremiah ran to the store to pick up Benadryl (she's also on an antibiotic, eye drops, and the occasional tylenol dosage), and thankfully she fell asleep around 10:45. Her normal bedtime is between 6:30 and 7:00. Let's have a moment of silence while we take that in.

So, I hope she is on the upswing today. I put her down for a nap way early because the poor child just couldn't stand it any longer. Oh and now she's crying and coughing, awesome.

And get this. In the midst of all this funkiness, Surrey is walking. WALKING. While most of us decide to cozy up on the couch and rest, Surrey chooses to start walking on her own. Oh boy.