Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've been wanting to post more frequently; however, not many new or exciting things have been going on. I suspect that in the next month and a half I will have much to talk about and many pictures to post, as our schedule is rather busy.
This Thursday my mom and sister are coming down to visit for a little vacation. Jeremiah and I are very excited to have them and to explore Richmond together. We're especially looking forward to experiencing 4th of July festivities around here. Andria informed me that she made six different kinds of cupcakes, and that she is bringing one of each flavor for each us. You do the math. I am getting six cupcakes all to myself. They are only here until Tuesday morning, which leaves only five evenings. Bring it on. We'll do a bit of shopping, go to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, check out Maymont and Byrd Park for the 4th, and perhaps enjoy wine tasting at a local winery. I'm just hoping it's a relaxing and enjoyable time for them. Cameron and Dad, we'll miss you!
The day my family leaves, Jeremiah's family is coming into town. They will be staying with his aunt and uncle until Saturday, when they leave for vacation down in Topsail, NC. We'll actually be going with them; however, we have a friend's wedding in Williamsburg Saturday night, so we won't head down until Sunday morning. We'll spend a week together and head home the next weekend. That's a whole lot of family time!
That next week our friends from college, Kristy and Matt, will be here visiting Kristy's family, so we hope to see them while they're in town.
August 1st is Audrey's wedding (one of my roommates from college), and if all goes well with my asking off of work, Jeremiah and I will head up to Pennsylvania for that. We will then stay the rest of the week, as Jeremiah and Cameron have purchased tickets to attend an entire Phillies series. It's on Jeremiah's bucket list. 
We'll then finish off the week at a 'friends vacation' with a bunch of Jeremiah's group of friends from college for the weekend. That brings us almost to mid-August to enjoy the last bit of summer.
Hope to post pictures of all events as they come up!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday in the Mail!

I know, I know. Far too long since I've updated. I'm sure at this point even my Mom and brother are only making an occasional visit due to my inconsistency. Hey you two!
Well it's officially summertime for Jeremiah and me, as school ended this past Friday. Thank the good Lord! We are both ready for a break, even though I will be babysitting 2-3 days a week and Jeremiah will be teaching summer school for a handful of weeks. I think we'll manage.
Another excitement is my 24th birthday tomorrow. Woo hoo! I've been rather nostalgic, as this is my first birthday not celebrated in Sellersville with my family. It was inevitable, if not after getting married, but especially due to the move down south.
It hasn't been such a bad gig, as I have gotten something in the mail each day, which has been a fun treat. Most notably was what I received Tuesday morning via UPS from my sister, Chef Andria Koehler. Even miles away, I am still able to enjoy her culinary confections. She mailed all the ingredients to build a most delectable birthday cake! She even included candles and sugar decorations. It made me feel so special. I was, however, a bit intimidated after reading the detailed instructions spanning the front and back of a piece of paper. Luckily, they were so detailed that there was little room for error. And just as the instructions said to do, my dear husband sang Happy Birthday to me and I proceeded to blow out the 24 candles atop the cake. As you see below, I have created a photo journal for you of my day putting this package together. It was an orange cake with layers of chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream, iced on the outside with more chocolate buttercream and then doused with chocolate glaze. My sister speaks right to my very being with this gift.