Thursday, September 25, 2008

It Is Good To Hear Truth

After a trying two months in Virginia, I am reminded of how necessary and significant it is to choose to believe truth over lies. God is good and has been speaking to my every heart need this week. 
This year Penn State Cru will be focusing on the attributes of God during the weekly meetings' talks in an effort to encourage students to have an accurate picture of who God is. We all need to hear this. I have started listening to the talks online, and the past two weeks I have felt like God had the speakers write their talks just for me. Please have a listen! Go to Click on media, then talks, and then choose any you'd like. Oh how I miss Penn State Cru!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bleach Water

I just finished my eighth day at the Goddard School, phew! I forgot how exhausting working with fifteen 2 year olds can be! I typically work from about 6:50 to 10 in the morning, although some days I stay up to an hour and a half later. I start my morning by making bleach water for all of the classrooms. As I funnel the water into squirt bottles and pour the water from a gallon jug into a little bin, I inevitably ruin many of the clothes I wear. Today, my new pair of New York & Company khakis fell victim; yesterday, one of my favorite Gap shirts. Thankfully I was smart enough to get a cute, yet very inexpensive pair of shoes from Walmart, because they are now splattered with bleach stains. Afterwards, I'm in Toddling Turtles' room watching the early birds and then head over to my home away from home--Sunny Sailboats. Ms. Sarah has done a great job of helping me get acquainted, and the children are warming up to me quickly. It is fun, but very tiring, and I applaud all those who do it full-time. It takes a special kind of people for sure.
Added benefit: I'm building up my immune system AND my biceps!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shep and Shane

Here's a picture of the two very handsome boys I babysit everyday. Shep is on the left, Shane is on the right.

Cars: A Necessary Evil

Our car saga continues. Many of you know Jeremiah's Taurus is on the brink of defeat but, with just enough repairs to get by, Shaniqua, is pulling through for us this month. 
As for my Volkswagen--our "reliable" car--it has seen better days. For those of you left uninformed, my dear ol' Golf had $500+ of repairs a couple weeks ago after shaking and flashing engine lights had it towed away. Since then, the symptoms have come back to haunt us not once, but twice. This morning I took it in for another look and have just found out that it needs a new coil pack or something--a part that costs $500+. The endearing man at the Volkswagen dealership said he'd cut me a deal and sell me the part for just a few dollars shy of $400. How lovely.
It seems all too fitting that I read a devotion last night about remembering that we only see bits and pieces, but God knows the bigger (and better) picture. Proverbs 3:5-12. Week after week as Jeremiah and I wonder how we're going to make ends meet and then get hit with unexpected bills like this, we are forced to choose to believe that God does indeed know what He's doing, that He does indeed care for us, and that His promises for provision are true. It's a huge test of our faith, and as much as I'd like to run, scream, or freak out, I know that this testing is producing a maturity and completeness in us that is far more significant than our present financial circumstances. It's a hard choice to make--to trust the Lord and not rely on what I can do (which clearly isn't too much).
So keep praying for us and for God's care and provision. We are so appreciative to know we have friends and family who not only love us, but who are lifting us up in prayer!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Work, Work, Work

The main reason we moved to Midlothian was because Jeremiah was offered a position with Chesterfield County Public Schools. We were so thankful that even before Jeremiah graduated he was given an open contract, and that he is able to work in such a great school. He has just finished his second week as an 8th grade algebra teacher at Robious Middle School. He teaches three classes in a double-block format, which means he sees three different classes each day for 90 minutes for the entire year. That's a lot of algebra for those students! Mr. Link couldn't be happier to have his own trailer, particularly so he can regulate the temperature. I've been there once, and let's just say next time I go back I'll be sure to bring layers. His classroom looks great, something he is very proud of since he did it all himself and didn't have much to work with. The students have warmed up to him and I look forward to hearing about the unique personalities each night at dinner. It's been a great experience so far!
After about a month and a half of feeling purposeless, I think I have finally figured out what I'll be doing. As some of you know, I was accepted to substitute in the district but have been looking for other work due to the inconsistency, early wake-up (5am!), and amount of travel. Since the school year started I have been providing after school childcare to a really fun family. Every day I drive about a half hour to watch 9 year old Shep and 12 year old Shane (4th and 7th graders) for a few hours. I'm there not necessarily to babysit, but to be there in case of emergency and to chauffeur them to their countless sports practices almost everyday. I'm glad for the opportunity, and am having a lot of fun playing game after game with Shep each day.
Less than a week ago I was also hired at the Goddard School close to our apartment. I will be working Monday through Friday from 7-10/10:30, with the potential to work longer when they need the extra help. I'm looking forward to a consistent work schedule, especially doing work I am comfortable with. It seems like it will work out great, and I'm glad to have a break in the day to go about my wifely duties, exercise, or run errands. The only thing I need now is a closet full of khakis.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey y'all! Can you believe we've been away for a month and a half?? We still can't believe how fast it's gone by. We're officially Virginia residents--we've got the licenses and plates to prove it. In our short time here we have already encountered and been through what seems like endless adventures--both exciting and trying--and we know there will be much more in store for us.
Keeping in touch consistently with everyone we love can be a bit overwhelming, so I (Brianna) had a brilliant idea this morning to start this blog. We want all of you to know how much we love you, and to let you know how we're doing and what we're up to here in Midlothian. Feel free to visit this site whenever the spirit moves you, and hopefully you'll find a fairly recent update on our lives. 
We miss everyone so so much and look forward to each opportunity we have to visit you and talk with you. Jeremiah is away this weekend for Ben Thompson's bachelor weekend, so between my conjuring up fall decor ideas and watching the Food Network, I hope to bring you up to speed on our time in Virginia.

Love y'all. Enjoy!
To our family and friends: hello from Virginia!