Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Both Ends of the Spectrum

Who knew such stark contrast in outdoor holiday decorating could exist in such close proximity? Look no further than our front porch and our neighbor's above for both ends of the decorating spectrum. 
Typically, we wouldn't be quite as far apart in taste. The past few years we've wrapped the big fat colored lights around our outdoor garland but, unfortunately, this year the string was toast and so we used an extra string of mini white lights we had already. Come to find out, I may have gotten definitely got a bit mixed up and tested the string of lights that we take bulbs from (hence several missing bulbs) instead of the newer string - but at that point I already had the white ones up and looking perfect. Naps last only so long, I don't have time to keep putting things off.
Yes, I tooted my own horn there for a second. Between the garland and our tree, I think my dad would be proud. A big thanks to my husband for continuing to tell me neighbors probably think it's a pre-lit length of garland. If my worth was determined my exterior illumination, I'd be valued at a million bucks. 
Then there's good ol' Gloria's decor. On the bright side, she allowed me to feel a bit nostalgic about my bedroom Christmas decorations in elementary school. Nothing like hanging up colored lights across the middle of my wall with pushpins and draping them around any and every thing. Too bad she's missing her own hand-drawn mural on computer paper taped up with it. She thinks it's wonderful her grandson dictates what she put up. I think the homeowner's association needs to start regulating. Excuse the faraway photos - once I started zooming in I realized Gloria was sitting at her dining room table and thought it was in my best interest to go immediately indoors.
2012 has brought out a lot of emotion in me when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. I may need to seek professional help for that. In the meantime, I kind of want to tour our neighborhood with my camera and provide some commentary. Stay tuned!


Elise said...

Oohh Pretty! I love all these holiday posts! How's sweet Surrey doing now that she's a whopping 1?

Kristin said...

haha cute pictures!