Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookies With Santa and Mrs. Claus

Tonight we took Surrey to see Santa and Mrs. Claus thanks to our homeowner's association. We had to wait 40 minutes to see them, but Surrey was pleasantly content walking all over the place showing off her glittery shoes. Not surprisingly, I was more impatient than my one year old daughter. Regardless, once it was our turn we had a wonderful time with the sweet couple in the exquisite costumes. These were very legit Clauses. And so so friendly. Surrey did awesome - walked right up to them (with a little coaxing from the electronic bell-ringing Snoopy), sat on Mrs. Claus' lap, and even socially interacted (said her version of "ho, ho, ho," coughed in their face, blew kisses, and waved. Good times. And of course, the cutest stinkin kid there.
PS The last picture is thrown in here just for you to get the full effect of her outfit.


Dad said...

Great pictures and your mom is overjoyed that you have updated the blog!! And yes, you appear to have done an excellent job on the lights. Can't wait to see you all at "Christmas."

Kristin said...

I love that last picture! And the "cough in their face" detail!