Friday, December 7, 2012


Big, exciting things are happening today. Just at lunch Surrey learned to smile on command. Now I think we'll hear a lot more of her looking like me, rather than just Jeremiah. If you've ever seen a baby picture of me, seems to me our "smiles" are pretty similar. Mom or Dad, would you agree? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe every kid smiles like this.
I never thought much about the smiling thing until a couple days ago - actually, maybe even yesterday morning. Some woman asked her to smile and then said kind of disappointedly - oh, she doesn't know how to smile. Say what, lady?! Don't look at my child with those eyes and talk to her with that tone. Stupidly, parental guilt sank in for a minute. Even more stupidly, last night I tried to get Surrey to smile on command and she just looked at me like I was nuts. And I was.
But then today at lunchtime, by the grace of God, she looked at me with this big cheesy smile. I excitedly reinforced and since then it's her new favorite trick. She's awesome. Enjoy!


Dad said...

I will confirm - she is your daughter and that IS YOUR SMILE!! She is too cute - too cute? IMPOSSIBLE!! That's like too much fun or too much money - too cute? No Way!! Smile!

Bevin said...

What a great smile!!!

Kristin said...

I love her smile! What a weirdo that lady was!