Monday, December 3, 2012

Ohhh Fuuuudddgggee

Only I didn't say fudge. Because although the recipe said I'd have fudge, I most definitely did not have fudge. Wouldn't you agree?

What in the world.
My mom (and now my sister as well) is known for her decadent fudge. If she loves you, you've received it as a gift or at least have chowed down on it from a little glass dish any time you've been over during the holiday season. It's rich and delicious. It also takes a thick liquid form and pours nicely into a pan before setting. As you may imagine, mine did not. What went wrong? I'll never know. But no, I did not scoop up mud by the handful and smush it into a baking dish. And no thanks to whatever force of nature was a against me last night, I not only wasted time and money but now have no gift to give the sweet ladies who take care of Surrey during a women's group I attend.
Starbucks gift cards for all!

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