Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am obsessed with the DIY blog Young House Love. If you haven't checked it out, do it now. A lot of my motivation and inspiration for home decor and crafts has come from this Richmond couple. They offer tons of creative, affordable ideas and have recently released a book. Along with their book release, they have a book tour and guess who made a stop on the tour. ME (and my friend, Kelsey, a fellow YHL lover). With pre-ordered book in hand, on December 2nd we waited in line for an hour or so (Kelsey, I totally forget how long we were in life - was it an hour and a half, was it less??) to meet John and Sherry. I was a little nervous to be honest. I mean, I know tons about them and love them, but they know not a thing about me. I want them to like me! I want to be friends! Hahaha. 
It was so weird. I mean people, they're famous. A sold out book, a sold out book tour, and thousands (millions?) of followers. And leave it to me to approach the signing table with my book plastered in post-it notes. I felt like a nerdy teacher's pet, but hopefully they were flattered that I jumped right in. I have to do the same thing with cookbooks. So many ideas are overwhelming to me. I have to narrow things down so I actually do or make something. Anyway, I rambled like a nervous dork, but it was all worth it. And look, John thought I was hysterical. I bet they're still talking about me. And I bet they're the ones stalking me now.


Bevin said...

I see John laughing with you...just like old pals! Who took those pictures, it's so nice to have them :)

Elise said...


Kristin said...

They are totally stalking you! And GREAT picture haha! What were you saying to make him laugh?